Criminal Law

European Arrest Warrant

electronic surveillance

postponement of penalty execution

conditional early release

conditional re-suspension of execution of the imprisonment penalty

Prawo karne

For many years, I have worked as a counsel for the defense in criminal and criminal – tax suits representing my clients during preparatory, trial and enforcement proceedings. I have a great and long-term experience in managing cases of car accidents including fatal ones. During my over 20 year-old professional practice, I have represented my clients within the whole country in many complicated and long lasting cases of road accidents.
I also represent my clients in accidents of agriculture, hunting, industry and water and railroad transport. I also manage any other difficult criminal cases including evading child support payments, unfavorable property management, credit fraud, body damage, driving a vehicle after consuming alcohol, seizing of driving license, exclusion of a property from enforcement process, breach of company secrecy, domestic violence, defamation and punishable threats.
I also defend my clients during enforcement suit to obtain electronic surveillance, postponement of penalty, penalty leave and conditional early release and a conditional suspension of imprisonment penalty.
I represent my clients in custody suits and cases of self-conduct, deportation and European Arrest Warrant.
In case of urgency, I assist in criminal cases 24 hours a day after a prior phone contact by calling at 00 48 602 55 33 01.