Family Law

divorce and separation

marriage by proxy




parental authority

The term family law includes many categories of cases regarding widely understood family relations, including cases for:

  • award, change and limitation of parental authority
  • claiming domestic and foreign child support for children and adults
  • establishing and denying paternity
  • adoption
  • abolition of spousal joint property during the marriage also with retrospective date
  • proceedings concerning the order to leave the apartment due to domestic violence
  • counteracting alcoholism
  • incapacity, care, guardianship including of persons who cannot, due to their state of health, conduct their affairs

Prawo rodzinne

I deal with family law matters both at the pre-litigation and judicial stage and my actions are aimed at ensuring the maximum legal protection of my clients respecting the personal dignity and the emotional sphere of the parties to the proceedings. As far as possible, I endeavor to ensure satisfactory divorce conditions for my clients including parental responsibility and the rules of personal contact of parents after divorce with their minor children, child support, the way of using previously shared spouses’ residential premises, as well as the division of the estate considering personal property and expenditure on personal property of former spouses on the estate of the parties already during pre-litigation stage and during mediation proceedings and if it is not possible to agree between the parties, I represent with full engagement the interests of my Mandates in the process before the Court. I also deal with the abolition of spousal co-ownership during the marriage and with the reverse date when spouses have different views on management of their common estate. I also represent Clients in cases of separation, which allow to regulate mutual personal and property relations in a situation where the breakdown of marriage has taken place but the spouses are not interested in dissolving their marriage through divorce. I also represent my Mandates on Domestic Violence, including Blue Card and Addiction Matters. In urgent situations, I also deal with the order to leave a common apartment by the perpetrator of domestic violence. I represent my clients in maintenance matters concerning both domestic and foreign maintenance. I also deal with matters of care and guardianship. I also represent my clients as a proxy at conclusion of marriage by a proxy.